We give to causes that we identify with and connect to emotionally. With an ever-increasing number of worthy charities for a donor to choose from, institutions need to engage with alumni at a deeper level to remain top-of-mind. CueBack’s engagement platform cultivates emotional connection in your alumni all while generating data to power our AI-Engine. Our AI-Engine provides dynamic scoring for each alumni and uncovers actionable insights that can be used to develop personalized cultivation strategies for your high-value prospects.


Identify & Qualify Prospects

Use predictive analytics to identify and qualify potential donors using social engagement, willingness and wealth indicators.


Know Your Prospects

Our AI engine uncovers deep insights into the comparative strengths of alumni affinities, connections, interests, and behavior.


Turn Insights Into Action

Leap from insight into action with customized dashboards for gift officers and leaders. Use actionable insights to cultivate relationships and move prospects through the fundraising pipeline.


Accelerate Gifting Velocity

Move your highest value prospects through the donor pipeline faster by creating moves management strategies tailored to each individual alumni.

  • Improve Donor Qualification. Use predictive analytics to generate prospect qualification reports based on giving history, wealth indicators, and engagement data.
  • Easy Segmentation Analysis. Track key metrics of prospect segments across multiple attributes. Drill down to get a holistic view of each individual prospect.
  • Interactive Cultivation Reports. Use detailed information about individual prospect behavior, willingness, connections, affinities, interests, and motivations to inform your moves management. Learn more
  • Make Your Static Database Dynamic. The CueBack application improves constantly through machine learning and people science. Use custom cues and prompts to actively shape engagement content to uncover even more information about your alumni.

More Effective Donor Cultivation

Get game-changing actionable insights you won’t find anywhere else. Use AI-derived insights to connect with alumni in a way that is relevant and meaningful to them. Give each alumni a personal touch and make them feel valued.

  • Align Donor Interests. Understand your alumni’s interests and priorities to increase support for campaigns, scholarships, and athletics.
  • Build Better Trust & Rapport. Leverage deep insights into individual behavior, affinities, interests, and motivations to develop stronger, personal relationships with prospects. Learn more
  • Understand Influencers. Uncover the strengths of relationships between alumni. Learn who can be an influencer on your prospect.

Uncover the Connections that Bind

Academic research shows that giving is positively correlated with alumni identity. Uncover and cultivate the emotional ties that connect alumni to your institution.

  • Discover Memorable Experiences. Find out which experiences were the most memorable and formative in shaping their alumni identity. Learn more
  • Analyze Professional Impact. Learn how experiences at your institution shaped each alumni’s professional life. Learn more
  • Measure Personal Influences. Discover which staff and friends impacted each alumni’s life, and why. Learn more
  • Strengthen Alumni Identity. Leverage alumni insights to strengthen their emotional connection to your institution and build alumni identity - two aspects highly correlated with giving.

Missing Alumni Can’t Give Back

On average, 10% of alumni data is lost every year. We make sure that your data is up- to- date to increase your donor pipeline.

  • Find Lost Alumni. Put the power of crowdsourcing to work in your existing alumni network to improve the completeness and accuracy of your constituent database and increase your potential donor pool. Learn more
  • Identify Missing Champions. Your lost alumni are your untapped potential donors. Moreover, you may be missing out on your most valuable donors. Missing alumni skew towards Baby Boomers because they graduated in the pre-digital era before email and alumni databases.
  • Update Constituent Data. Have confidence that your data is always complete and up-to-date. Your CRM is automatically updated with affinity and contact information when alumni edit their profiles.

Personalize Donor Engagement

Put a deposit in the goodwill bank before making a withdrawal.

  • Give Before You Ask. Hand your alumni the keys to an integrated, immersive, and rewarding experience. Learn more
  • Remind Alumni What You Gave Them. Use personalized prompts to remind your alumni of the value that their college experience contributed to their professional and personal lives. Learn more
  • Give After You Ask. One size does not fit all. Your alumni’s tangible and intangible needs differ according to their life stage. Give back to your alumni in ways that are meaningful to them.