Provide lifelong value to your alumni with a platform that evolves and adapts to their ever changing needs. CueBack’s design is based on academic research to specifically engage alumni who have a greater capacity and willingness to give back.

Personalize Your Engagement

Event Management

Our intuitive Event Management module enables organizers to simplify the creation, promotion, and management of events – from simple affinity group get-togethers to multi-day reunions. CueBack’s event management application leverages industry best practices and innovative scientific research.

Optimize Your Events

Holistic & Insightful

Go far beyond scoring ‘likes' and ‘comments’. Form a holistic picture of your alumni and the comparative strengths of their interpersonal connections, affinities, and interests.


Dynamic & Adaptable

Provide a dynamic engagement experience that adapts to the professional and personal stages of each alumni’s life


Personalized & Interactive

Provide your alumni with a personalized experience and shape content to to elicit authentic alumni stories that can serve multiple institutional stakeholders.