Maximize Event Impact

Increase the effectiveness of your events with minimal effort.

  • More Attendees with Less Effort. Studies show that a major driver of attendance is personally knowing other attendees. CueBack’s AI engine creates a personalized Smart Attendees ListTM for each alum viewing the event. Learn more
  • Promote Personalized Events. Determine which events to invite your alumni to based on their personal preferences, interests and affiliations.
  • Highlight Your Impact. Analyze event success by attendance, financial metrics, capacity to give, and impact on willingness to give.

Optimize Your Financial Goals

Each event and each of its activities can be customized with their own pricing and promotions to maximize return while minimizing risk.

  • Offer Flexible Pricing. Achieve your financial objectives by adding discounts, promotions, or surcharges. Learn more
  • Save Money. Why throw money away? We pass on the cost of credit card processing directly, with no added fees.
  • Minimize Risk. Define your refund and cancellation policies to mitigate your financial exposure. Learn more

Hassle-Free Administration

Don’t waste your valuable time dealing with the logistical headaches that come with event management. Let us simplify your life.

  • Empower Alumni Groups. Equip your departments, chapters and affinity groups with a comprehensive application to manage and promote their own events. Outsource the work while maintaining brand integrity and oversight. Learn more
  • Automated Drip Marketing. Stay top-of-mind through automated event notifications. Decide what to say, and when to say it; let us handle the rest.
  • Identify and Manage Volunteers. Providing opportunities for alumni to volunteer is a great way to strengthen alumni identity. Automate the volunteer registration process.

Interactive Reporting

Complete access to all of your alumni’s engagement data provides you with unprecedented insight into their interests, connections, attendance, behavior, and more.

  • Collect Valuable Information. Build a database of qualitative and quantitative information for use by Advancement, Alumni Relations and other stakeholders.
  • Engage Better. Generate aggregate and individual alum reports to better inform your Advancement and Alumni Relations strategies.
  • Track Event Metrics. Monitor all relevant event data in real-time.