Maximize Attendance

Use CueBack’s scientifically proven methodologies to increase event attendance without any extra effort on your part.

  • Strengthen Alumni Identity. Alumni identity is directly correlated with giving and is strongly influenced by event attendance and volunteer status. The more memories that they have of your university, the stronger they identify as an alumni.
  • Serve Up Personalized Events. Determine which events to invite your alumni to based on their personal preferences and affiliations.
  • More Attendees with Less Effort. Studies show the two largest factors that determine alumni attendance are personally knowing other attendees and knowing that the previous event was fun. Our machine learning algorithm creates a Smart Attendees ListTM which is coupled with our Photo Gallery to drive up your attendance numbers. Learn more
  • Make Your Event Run Smoothly. Pair our Google Maps integration with your campus maps to help your alumni get to their destination. Add parking maps, and lists of local hotels and restaurants. Let alumni add events to their calendars in a single click!

Optimize Your Financial Goals

Each event and its activities can be customized with its own pricing and promotions to maximize the return on your efforts.

  • Offer Flexible Pricing. Add discounts, promotions, or surcharges to implement pricing strategies that achieve your revenue objectives. Learn more
  • Save Money. Why throw money away to third-party providers? We pass on the cost of credit card processing directly, with no added fees.
  • Minimize Risk. Define your own refund and cancellation policies so that they match your financial exposures. Learn more

Hassle-Free Administration

Don’t waste your precious time dealing with the logistical headaches that come with event management. Let us simplify your life.

  • Empower Alumni Groups. Equip your departments, chapters, affinity groups, clubs, and more with a full suite of tools to host and manage their own events. Maintain brand integrity while simultaneously collecting actionable data from your constituents. Learn more
  • Automate Drip Marketing. Stay top-of-mind through automated, consistent event notifications. Decide what to say, and when to say it; let us handle the rest.
  • Keep Them in the Loop. Only show events that are relevant to each alumni. Personalize your events page so that only applicable alumni see certain events. Automatically keep them up-to-date when their events change by sending dynamic reminders.
  • Identify and Manage Volunteers. Providing opportunities for alumni to volunteer is a great way to strengthen alumni identity. Automate the volunteer registration process to easily connect alumni with your brand.

Interactive Event Reporting

Drill down on aggregate reports to the individual alumni level across multiple attributes to measure the event’s impact.

  • Track Event Metrics. Use event data to qualify donor prospects. Generate reports that identify popular events while simultaneously gaining insights at the individual alumni level.
  • Highlight Your Most Impactful Events. Analyze individual demographics, behaviors, connections, and interests to prioritize and promote specific events.
  • Collect Valuable Information. Build a database of qualitative and quantitative information about your alumni. Employ machine learning for efficient event coordination and utility maximization.